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  1. Tiny

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    Where on earth do I send a question like::

    I recently discover a connection I didn't know about.
    it is 'tashmore'.

    Tashmore pond and Tashmore lake. The first is from
    Firestarter and the second is from; Secret Window Secret Garden.

    The three books I use for such things are the black
    "Stephen King Universe" concordance .;;Waiter, Golden, Wagner;
    It makes no comment about this connection. NOTHING.
    the other two books are by Robin Furth and Bev Vincent
    they are concerned with the DT series and make no mention of
    even the stories above.
    It maybe that one is in Vermont and the other is near Derry . anyone know?

    can I send questions to those tree guys, (authors) listed above?
    do they answer?

    [this is why I have received the Award I have listed under my stats ]
  2. FlakeNoir

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    This forum is probably a good place for these types of questions Tiny. If you'd like to speak directly to @Bev Vincent you could do what I have just done and (hopefully) he will receive an alert and come answer you here. Otherwise you could send him a P.M via our Conversation system.
    I'm not sure if you can contact Robin Furth (a lady btw... :) ) directly, Marsha would know more about that and I don't have any information on the first book you mentioned, sorry. Anyone else help with this?
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  3. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Well-Known Member

    I think I'd call it a coincidence rather than a connection.
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  4. Tiny

    Tiny RECEIVED:Annoying Questions award

    ,LOL...Mr Bev is very sick of my questions...:rolleyes:

    He has answered me though...saying the connection isnt real.... Phonic coincidence .
    This is hard for me to believe , even if King himself said so...Id still ..
    believe there was some underlining connection that even SK didnt know of.
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  5. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    Entirely possible that it isn't a conscious decision. When I asked him years ago if he had used Castle Rock in his writing because of The Lord of the Flies, he looked a little surprised as it came to him that it was a very real possibility but it hadn't occurred to him before that that might be the connection.
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  6. Tiny

    Tiny RECEIVED:Annoying Questions award

    I think Eddie Dean would be the one to ask about such things,but...
    asking him is..problematic
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