Lord Of The Flies

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  1. Ben.

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    As my Mother says, FlakeNoir: "Kids, who'd have 'em?"
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  2. skimom2

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    The language gets them, I think. So much YA lit is written at a 5th grade level--kids often don't have the vocab. for classic books, or they can't follow through with a complex thought. It's a learned skill--they'll get it if you don't give up!

    I'm a 'mean' mom: if my kids had a book project and didn't pick a book within a reasonable amount of time, I chose for them. As a result, by 7th grade the big ones got assigned (by me) Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men, Ethan Frome... :) Anything shorter, but still a classic. Two littlest go to a better school, so their teachers help me out now--haha!
  3. ghost19

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    One of those very rare instances where I liked the movie more than the book. Book was very hard to read thru, seemed quite dry and uninteresting...much like myself.....
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  4. AnnaRose

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    Did you read the book first or see the movie? I generally like whichever I saw/read first better. And which version did you watch? I haven't seen either...I suppose I'll watch both.
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  5. Walter o'Dim

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    The story is good but I hate the way they talk.
    Ralph was an ass to piggy throughout the book It really bothered me. Actually they were all pretty mean to piggy.
    I also hated the word ass-mar.
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  6. fljoe0

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    Are you talking about the 1960s version? If so, I just saw a new version on blu-ray. They have fixed it up and it looks 100 times better than I've ever seen it. They fixed the audio too. See if you can find a blu-ray copy to rent or buy. They did a great job with the restoration.
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