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Discussion in 'IT' started by Gina_Bobina, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Gina_Bobina

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    Is it still happening? Does anyone know? I'm re-reading the book now and can not wait for a better adaptation of the book.
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    Hi Gina_Bobina - great name!
    Cannot answer your question, but welcome to the SKMB anyway!
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    Welcome to the site. :) Have a look through this thread, I'm sorry I don't have anything new to add. (Perhaps Ms. Mod may at some stage though?)

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    Thanks for the welcome!! And thanks for the link. I watched the preview and now I'm more excited than ever for the remake! I have to admit, I didn't watch the first movie all the way through because it didn't stay true to the book. I'm hoping this time the movie will mirror the book more. Looks like it may not come out until 2015 because that will be 30 years and you know, IT comes back every 30 years....eeeekkk.
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    No idea if it's still being considered. We're not in the loop on that one so we find out news about it the same as anyone else--reports on the internet.
  8. Anthea M

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    I loved the book and enjoyed the film. With CGI technology it is a wonder that It Has been remade.
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  9. Gerald

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    It's still on. The director is Cary Fukunaga. Apparently they want to do it in two parts again. First focusing on the children, then the adult part.

    From what I understand it's gonna be for theatres. If that's the case, I think it is some sort of first, to do a horrorfilm (based on a novel, or at all) in two parts for the cinema. We've seen it done with Harry Potter or Twilight, but those are part of a larger series and not horror.

    You kind of wonder if the 'break' between the two releases will have an effect on the traditional building of tension in horrorfilms. Of course tv-series can have long breaks too between seasons, but series are different from cinematic horrorfilms.

    I'm excited to see it done for the cinema, as it offers lots of opportunities. The book has a large canvas. I hope they don't decide to do it for tv again. As with Salem's Lot it seems a bit pointless to do a mini-series again. I think tv has clear drawbacks, certainly with the built-in, timed commercial breaks, which hinder a more natural flow of the story. Also special effects in theatrical films are often more impressive than those on tv.
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  10. McGinnisNC

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    I feel like a trilogy would suit this book best, but I wouldn't want them to leave ANYTHING out...and that might be a tad more than rated R!
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