Kingdom Hospital
  Kingdom Hospital
Formats: Series
First Aired (US):March 3rd, 2004

Based on the Danish miniseres Riget by Lars von Trier.

In Stephen’s version, the story takes place in Lewiston, Maine, where Kingdom Hospital has been built on the site where a mill burned nearly a century before and several children died in the fire. Artist Peter Rickman (Jack Coleman) is in a coma following an accident in which he was struck by a car while jogging and is visited by a strange creature called Antibus (Kett Turton) and the ghost of a small child, Mary Jensen (Jodelle Ferland). He is being treated by Dr. Hook (Andrew McCarthy). His wife, Natalie is played by Suki Kaiser. A psychic, Sally Druse (Diane Ladd) whom the doctors think is a hypochondriac, is able to tune into the paranormal activities occurring in the hospital and is trying to find their source with the aid of her son, Bobby (Del Pentecost). Other staff include the incompetent Dr. Stegman (Bruce Davison), quirky administrator, Dr. Jesse James (Ed Begley, Jr.), and Dr. Elmer Traff (Jamie Harrold). Stephen makes a cameo as Johnny B. Goode, an elusive hospital security staff person. LOST regular, Evangeline Lilly also made an appearance in this series.

Plans had been made for a second season but ABC cancelled the series before it was filmed.


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