Children of the Corn
  Children of the Corn Characters List:


Character Name Description
He Who Walks Behind the Rows  Evil being that helps the corn grow when given sacrifices
?, David  Was the 'seer'.
?, Isaac  The current 'Seer' in Gatlin
Boardman, Craig  In Gatlin. See Malachi Boardman.
Boardman, Malachi  Name taken by Craig Boardman.
Clawson, Ruth  Taken name of Sandra Clawson.
Clawson, Sandra  In Gatlin. See Ruth Clawson
Deigan, Amos  Taken name of Richard Deigan.
Deigan, Richard  See Amos Deigan
Gilman, Clayton  Taken name of Job Gilman.
Gilman, Job  In Gatlin. See Clayton Gilman
Grace, ?  Two sisters who went to Revival meetings.
Greenlaw, Adam  The first male child born in Gatlin after the sacrifice.
Hollis, Edward  See Yemen Hollis
Hollis, Yemen  Taken name of Edward Hollis.
Hortense, Baby  8-year-old singer at revival meetings
Kennedy, John F.  President mentioned in passing.
Kirk, George  See Zepeniah Kirk
Kirk, Zepeniah  Taken name of George Kirk.
Owens, Buck  On the radio station listened to by Burt Robeson as they entered Gatlin
Renfrew, Isaac  Taken Name of William Renfrew.
Renfrew, William  See Isaac Renfrew
Richardson, Henry  In Gatlin. See Moses Richardson
Richardson, Moses  Taken name of Henry Richardson.
Robeson, Burt  Husband of Vicki.
Robeson, Mrs.  Mother of Burt.
Robeson, Vicky  Wife of Burt.
Stampnell, Rudy  10-year-old faith healer
Staunton, Norman  7-year-old revival preacher
Stigman, Donna  See Rachel Stigman
Stigman, Rachel  Taken name of Donna Stigman.
Taylor, Elizabeth  Mentioned on a sign in Gatlin as being in Cleopatra.
Tobin, Eve  First female child born after sacrifice.
Wells, Mary  Taken name of Roberta Wells.
Wells, Roberta  See Mary Wells
Wynette, Tammy  On the radio station listened to by Burt Robeson as they entered Gatlin


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