The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet
  The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet Characters List:


Character Name Description
Marsha  Paul's agent's wife.
Meg  Wife of Paul
Paul  Writer and husband of Meg
Baker, Jared  Assistant fiction editor at Esquire Magazine
Bellis  Henry Wilson's Fornit
Bellis, Miss  Maiden name of Henry Wilson's mother
Dohegan, Jim  Boss of Henry Wilson at Logan's Magazine
Hagen, Tim  Writer
Jackson, Shirley  Wrote "The Lottery"
Lindsay, John  On the cover of Logan's magazine
Lockridge, Ross  Mentioned in passing
Moore, Marianne  Coined the phrase "Flexible Bullet"
Morrison, Janey  Jim Dohegan's secretary
Plath, Sylvia  Writer
Rackne  The fornit in Reg Thorp's typewriter. Brother of Bellis
Rivers, Andy  Editor of fiction for American Crossings magazine
Rulin, Gertrude  Black woman hired by Thorpe to help clean the house
Rulin, Jimmy  Son of Gertrude. Shot the Fornit in Reg's typewriter
Rulin, Mr.  Husband of Gertrude
Sexton, Anne  Writer
Strong, Mert  Worked in Logan's publicity office
Thorpe, Jane  Wife of Reg
Thorpe, Reg  The writer who is slowly going insane.
Updike, John  Writer
Vadar, Sam  On the board of directors for Logan's magazine
Wilson, Henry  Editor of fiction for Logan's magazine.
Wilson, Mrs.  Mother of Henry
Younger, Kate  Worked in Logan's ad department


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