The Mist
  The Mist Characters List:


Character Name Description
?, Norm  Bag-boy in the Federal Store.
?, Reuben  Uncle of David Drayton
?, Sally  Checkout girl at the Federal Store
?, Victor  Brother of Wanda.
?, Wanda  8-year-old sister of Victor.
Bibber, Aggie  Neighbor of the Drayton's
Brown, Bud  Federal Store manager in Bridgton
Carmody, Mrs.  Ran the Bridgton Antiquary
Cornell, Ambrose  In the Federal market.
Crockett, Davy  Mentioned in passing.
Drayton, Andrew  Possibly the father of David
Drayton, Billy  5-year-old son of David and Stephanie
Drayton, David  Father of Billy, and husband of Steffy.
Drayton, Stephanie (Steffy)  Mother of Billy and wife of David
Dumfries, Amanda  Had a gun in her purse in the market.
Eagleton, Buddy  Worked in the Federal store
Ellitch, Tommy  Owner of a barn destroyed in the storm
Frovin, John Lee  Mechanic at the Texaco service station.
Gault, Mr.  Writer friend of David Drayton
Giosti, Bill  Owner of Giosti's Mobil in Casco Village.
Grondin, Jim  In the Federal Market. Friend of Myron LaFleur
Grondin, Pauline  Sister of Jim
Hartgen, Vincent  Mentioned in passing
Hatlen, Mike  Selectman in Bridgton
Jasser, ?  Neighbor of the Drayton's.
LaFleur, Myron  Friend of Jim Grondin. In the Federal Store
Lawless, Janine  Delivered mail to the Draytons
Martin, ?  Owners of a dock that washed up on the lake
McAllister, Victor  Spoke to Billy Drayton
McKeon, ?  Owner of a house in Bridgton
McVey, Mr.  Butcher in the Federal Store
Michaelson, Ben  Spoke about the Arrowhead Project
Miller, Dan  Owns a place on Highland
Muehler, Dick  Drayton's insurance agent
Neary, Mrs.  Said that everything is full of atoms
Norton, Brenton  Next door neighbor to the Draytons. A lawyer from New Jersey. Husband of Carla.
Norton, Carla  Wife of Norton.
O'Brien, Willy  Writer mentioned in passing.
Reppler, Hilda  3rd grade school teacher
Robards, Justine  Spoke about the Arrowhead Project
Simms, Arnie  In the Federal Store.
Smalley, Tom  In the Federal Store.
Stepanek, Stephanie  Maiden name of Stephanie Drayton
Tattinger, Lou  Ran the Pine Tree car wash
Tochai, Nick  Spoke about the Arrowhead Project
Trumbull, Douglas  Writer mentioned in passing.
Turman, Alan  Husband of Hattie
Turman, Hattie  Babysitter of Billy Drayton. In the Federal Store
Vannerman, Hank  In the Federal Store
Weeks, Ollie  Federal Store manager in Bridgton.


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