Needful Things
  Needful Things Characters List:


Character Name Description
Cujo  The dog who went rabid
Garfield  Cat of Myra Evans
Raider  Nettie Cobbs dog
Smokey  Castle Rock Trout
Tammy Faye  George T Nelson's pet parakeet
?, Felicia  Took the Photo of Lester Pratt and Judy Libby
?, Irvina  Kid at school
?, Sarah  Aunt of Polly Chalmers
?, Timmy (Too-Tall)  Driver for the Flying Corson Brothers
Bannerman, George  Retired sheriff
Bates, Norville  Short order cook at Yor Best Diner.
Beaufort, Henry  Owner & Bartender of the Mellow Tiger bar.
Beaulieu, Donna  Best Friend of Erin McAvoy
Beaumont, Thaddeus (Thad)  Mentioned by Alan Pangborn.
Bellingham, ?  Boy Brian Rusk's age
Bissette, Antonia  Died of a broken neck
Bissonette, Ricky  Worked at Sonny's Sunoco
Bonsaint, Mr.  Husband of Stephanie
Bonsaint, Stephanie  Part of the Ash Street Bridge Club
Bradford, Deke  Public Works boss.
Brigham, John  Local priest
Brigham, Sheila  Sheriff's dispatcher
Brooks, ?  State Police officer
Burgermeyer, Phil  In Church fight
Burgmeyer, Helen  Had a seizure through the night
Camber, Charity  Wife of Joe Camber
Camber, Joe  Owner of Cujo
Catlin, Jimmy  Computer whiz who went to school with Al Pangborn
Chalmers, Evelyn (Aunt Evvie)  Great Aunt of Polly
Chalmers, Kelton  Deceased son of Polly Chalmers.
Chalmers, Lorraine  Mother of Polly.
Chalmers, Newton  Father of Polly Chalmers
Chalmers, Patricia (Polly)  Runs "You Sew and Sew" in Castle Rock. Girlfriend of Alan Pangborn.
Chambers, Chris  Once terrorized by Ace Merrill
Chung, Martin D.  Chief legal council for San Francisco Department of Child Welfare
Clooney, ?  Broke the Jerzyck's window playing baseball
Clutterbuck, Andy  Police officer in Castle Rock. Husband of Melissa
Clutterbuck, Melissa  Town Treasurer. Wife of Andy
Cobb, Albion  Husband of Nettie.
Cobb, Netitia (Nettie)  House keeper for Polly Chalmers.
Constatine, Mr.  Pharmacist at LaVerdiere's super drug
Copeland, Nat  In jail with Ace Merrill.
Corson, Dave  Firearms and drug dealer. Brother of Mike
Corson, Mike  Firearms and drug dealer. Brother of Dave
Crompton, George  Cop who drank at the Blue Door Bar
Cross, Harry  Cop who drank at the Blue Door Bar
Dawson, Stanley  Friend of Brian Rusk
Delkey, Kevin  Friend of Sean Rusk
DeLois, ?  Boy Brian Rusk's age
DeWeese, Mrs.  Teacher
Dodd, Frank  Castle Rock Police officer
Dodd, Mrs.  Mother of Slopey Dodd
Dodd, Slopey  In school with Brian Rusk.
Dorfman, Carl  Roommate of Al Pangborn
Doyon, Peter  Friend of Hugh Priest
Drake, Rosalie  Works with Polly Chalmers
Duchamp, Teddy  Once terrorized by Ace Merrill
Dugas, Bobby  Works at the Public Works Department
Dunham, Lucille  Waitress at Nan's Diner
Edwards, Steve  Friend of Lester Pratt
Emerson, Mr.  Bought a gun at Needful Things
Evans, Chuck  Husband of Myra
Evans, Mrs.  Nurse at the Northern Cumberland Hospital
Evans, Myra Josephine  Best friend of Cora Rusk.
Fortin, Charlie  Drinks in the Mellow Tiger bar
Frankel, Donny  In school with Brian Rusk
Frankel, Everett  Physicians assistant working with Dr Van Allen.
Frazier, Steve  Former Castle Rock Head Selectman
Friedman, David  Ballistics expert for State Police
Fullerton, Bill  Second Selectman of Castle Rock, and the town barber
Gagnon, Timmy  Owner of Riverside BBQ Delish
Gamache, Homer  Beaten to death with his artificial arm near Homeland Cemetery
Garson, Scott  Castle Rock barber
Gaunt, Leland  Proprietor of Needful Things
Gavineaux, June  Wife of a dairy farmer.
Gendron, Albert  Dentist in Castle Rock
Gendron, Henry  Husband of Yvette
Gendron, Yvette  Wife of Henry.
Hanlon, Jay  One of the Hanlon twins
Harper, Norman  In the Baptist church. Friend of Reverend Rose
Haverhill, Mrs.  Lived next door to the Jerzyck's.
Hemphill, Don  On the Republican State Committee
Hemphill, Wanda  Wife of Don Hemphill
Hendrie, Miss  Nurse at the Northern Cumberland Hospital
Higgins, Naomi Sarah  Maiden name of Naomi Peebles
Hopewell, Mark  Real Estate agent
Horton, Mike  Journalist from Norway's "Journal-Register"
Jackett, Sonny  Mechanic
Jerzyck, Peter Michael  Husband of Wilma. Real estate agent
Jerzyck, Wilma Wadlowski  The woman who Brian Rusk had to upset
Jessup, Naomi  In the Church
Jewett, Frank M.  Principal
Johnstone, Deborah  In the Baptist church
Keeton, Bill  Uncle of Danforth, and Brother of Ronald.
Keeton, Danforth (Buster)  Castle Rock Head Selectman
Keeton, Myrtle  Wife of Danforth
Keeton, Ronald  Father of Danforth Keeton.
Killingsworth, Reverend Tom  Methodist Minister
Lachance, Gordon (Gordie)  Was picked on by Ace Merrill
LaPointe, John  Police officer in Castle Rock
Laurence, Shirley  Danforth Keeton's secretary
Lawes, ?  One of the Lawes Boys
Lawless, Mona  Teacher. Friend of Sally Rutcliffe
Libby, Judy  In a photo with Lester Pratt. His ex-girlfriend
Longman, Henrietta  Owned and operated the Beauty Rest
Lutjens, Irene  Friend of Sally Rutcliffe
MacFarland, Bill  Friend of Lester Pratt
Marchant, Billy  Student at School
Martin, Albert  Lawyer husband of Cynthia Martin.
Martin, Cynthia Rose  Part of the Ash Street Bridge Club
Martin, Nonie  In school with Brian Rusk
McAvoy, Erin  8th Grader who saw "dirty" books in Jewett's office.
McDonald, John D.  Writer
McEntire, Reba  Drinks in the Mellow Tiger bar
McGinley, Brion  School Geography teacher
McMillan, Sandra  Part time police Dispatcher
Mellon, Fred  Baptist Deacon
Merrill, John (Ace)  Childhood boyfriend of Myra Evans. Came back to town to work at Needful Things.
Merrill, Reginald Marion (Pop)  Used to run The Emporium Galorium, a junkshop. Uncle of Ace Merrill.
Meyers, Sally  In school with Brian Rusk
Miller, Barbara (Babs)  Part of the Ash Street Bridge Club
Milliken, Len  In church fight
Milliken, Miss  Bought a gun from Gaunt
Mislaburski, Jillian  Next door neighbor of the Jerzyck's
Morin, Ducky  Supplier of drugs to Ace Merrill
Morris, Trooper  State Trooper
Morrison, ?  State Police Officer
Myers, Rose Ellen  Friend of Lucille Dunham
Neadeau, Butch  Castle Rock Overseer of County and Social Services
Nelson, George T.  Gay Woodshop teacher
O'Neal, Father  Castle Rock priest
Palin, John  Vet in South Portland
Pangborn, Al  Son of Alan and Annie
Pangborn, Alan J.  Sheriff. Boyfriend of Polly Chalmers
Pangborn, Annie  Wife of Alan. Died
Pangborn, Todd  Son of Alan. Died
Partridge, Lenny  Oldest man in Castle Rock.
Payton, Henry  Head of Oxford Barracks
Peebles, Naomi Sarah  Wife of Sam Peebles
Peebles, Sam  Owner of the store where Needful Things opened.
Pelletier, Francine  Part of the Ash Street Bridge Club
Perlmutter, John L.  Deputy director of San Francisco Department of Child Welfare
Pervier, Gary  Killed by Cujo
Pollard, ?  Neighbor of Nettie Cobb
Potter, Howard  Friend of Albert Martin.
Potter, Lenore  Bought Howdy Doodie puppet
Potter, Mr.  Husband of Lenore. Boss of Mr Bonsaint
Pratt, Lester Ivanhoe  Fiancee of Sally Rutcliffe. School physical education teacher
Price, Joe  State Policeman
Priest, Hugh Albert  Works for the Public Works department.
Priest, Natalie  Best friend of Darlene Vickery
Pulaski, Frieda  Friend of Wilma Jerzyck. Wife of Jake
Pulaski, Jake  Friend of Pete Jerzyck. Husband of Frieda
Ramage, Nancy  Head Nurse at Castle Rock Family Practice
Ratcliffe, Sally  Brian Rusk's speech therapy teacher.
Ridgewick, Henry  Father of Norris
Ridgewick, Norris  Castle Rock Sheriff
Ridgewick, Phil  Brother of Henry
Roberts, Nan  Owner of Nan's luncheonette
Rose, William  Castle Rock Reverend
Rossignoi, Meade  Threw up on Gendron
Rubin, Fred  Friend of George T Nelson
Rusk, Brian  Gaunt's first customer
Rusk, Cora  Mother of Brian
Rusk, Mr.  Father of Brian.
Rusk, Sean  Brother of Brian
Ryan, Dr. Henry  State chief medical examiner
Samuels, Harry  Only mortician in Castle Rock and Castle Rock Selectman
Sayers, Bill  Worked at Western Auto
Scopes, Dr.  Neurologist from Portland
Seguin, Brian  Boy who asked Sandy Koufax to sign his baseball card, which was sold to Brian Rusk by Gaunt
Sheehan, Paul (Duke)  Ex- boyfriend of Polly Chalmers
Skillins, Irma  Principal of Junction City High School
Smith, Johnny  Discovered the identity of Frank Dodd
Sparrows, The  Thought about by Alan Pangborn (
St. Clare, Ariadne  Full time secretary for council selectmen
Stark, George  Character in Alan Pangborn's dream.
Tanner, Alice  School secretary
Tessio, Vern (Penny)  Once terrorized by Ace Merrill
Thomas, Seaton (Seat)  Police officer in Castle Rock
Tierney, Tim  State Attorney General
Treblehorn, ?  Old man whose land was given to Pop Merrill as payment for a loan
Tremayne, Vic  Friend of Lester Pratt
Trenton, Donna  Attacked by Cujo. Mother of Tad
Trenton, Theodore (Tad)  Son of Donna
Tucker, Preston  Owner of Tuckers Automobiles.
Tupper, William (Billy)  Cleaner at the Mellow Tiger bar
Van Allen, Ray  The only family doctor in Castle Rock
Vickery, Darlene  8th Grader who saw "dirty" books in Jewett's office.
Vigue, Betsy  Daughters of Isabella Activities chairwoman
Warburton, Eddie  Head custodian of Municipal building
Whitman, Charles  Eagle Scout who climbed to the top of the Texas tower and killed over 24 people
Williams, Amanda (Mandy)  One of the Board of Selectmen of Castle Rock. Friend of Myrtle Keeton
Williams, Tansy  Daughter of Amanda Williams


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