The Green Mile: Night Journey
  The Green Mile: Night Journey
Formats: Paperback
First Edition Release Date: July, 1996

From the Flap:

Truth time is approaching at Cold Mountain Penitentiary. Paul Edgecombe is taking a huge gamble, one where the stakes are high and the consequences deadly. He and his fellow guards take convicted killer John Coffey away from Death Row in the dead of night and bring him to the bedside of a woman writhing in torment. It is there they will find out once and for all if this mountain of a man is a miracle worker or a monster . . .

Nothing you have ever read can prepare you for Stephen King's boldest exercise in terror, a multi-part serial novel that begins on Death Row and burrows inward to the most horrific secrets of the heart. Brace yourself. The tension tightens as Stephen King brings you closer to his story's climax.

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