The Dark Half
  The Dark Half Characters List:


Character Name Description
Cujo  Dog who killed George Bannerman
Evelyn  Character in Thad Beaumont's book
?, Dave  State Police telephone technician
?, Freida  Worked for Rick Cowley
?, Hilary  Assisting O.R. nurse in Thad's surgery
?, John  Worked for Rick Cowley
?, Mary Lou  Character in Thad Beaumont's book
?, Nan  Owner of the luncheonette
?, Rosalie  Worked at Dave's Market
?, Wes  State Police telephone technician
Addams, Charles  Cartoonist
Albertson, Dr. Lester  Assisted in Thad Beaumont's surgery
Arsenault, Dolly  Roadside produce store owner
Bannerman, George  Sheriff who was killed by Cujo
Beaumont, Elizabeth (Liz)  Wife of Thad
Beaumont, Glen  Father of Thad
Beaumont, Shayla  Mother of Thad
Beaumont, Thaddeus (Thad)  Writer who used a pseudonym "George Stark" as a way to overcome writers block.
Beaumont, Wendy  Twin daughter of Thad and Liz. Sister of William
Beaumont, William  Twin son of Thad and Liz. Brother of Wendy
Black, Harry  At Lake Davis
Booker, Louise  Worked at Publishers Weekly
Bradford, Deke  Head of Castle Rock Public Works department
Brannigan, Ossie  Kept a car in Albert Martin's shed
Briggs, Mrs.  Hit by husband then she tried to commit suicide after he died
Briggs, Norton  Beat his wife then committed suicide
Brigham, Sheila  Police Dispatcher
Burks, Wilhelmina  History professor at University. Girlfriend of Rawlie DeLesseps
Burretts, Roland  Darwin Press Chief Comptroller
Burroughs, ?  Worked with Thad Beaumont
Carroll, Tom (Gonzo Tom)  Chairman of the English Department
Chalmers, Patricia (Polly)  Owner of You Sew and Sew
Clark, ?  Neighbor of the Beaumonts
Clawson, Frederick  Tenant of Dodie Eberhart. Discovered George Stark was a pseudonym for Thad Beaumont.
Clutterbuck, Andy  Police Officer
Cowley, Miriam  Ex-wife of Rick. Partner in his book publishing business
Cowley, Rick  Thad Beaumont's friend and agent
DeLesseps, Rawlie  Boyfriend of Wilhelmina Burks, and friend of Thad Beaumont.
Donaldson, Mike  Wrote the article about the 'death' of George Stark.
Eamons, Danny  State Sheriff
Eberhart, Dodie  She was a high-class prostitute in the past and came into money by blackmailing some of her clients.
Eddings, Jack  Police officer watching the Beaumont house
Ellington, ?  Character in George Stark's books
Fenton, Althea  Secretary at the University English department
Fortin, Charlie  Does odd jobs for Thad
Gamache, Ellen  Wife of Homer
Gamache, Homer  Old man found beaten to death with his own prosthetic arm
Gates, Darla  Worked in the accounting department of Darwin Press.
Gavineaux, Frank  Found Homer Gamache's body
Golden, Ellie  Editor of George Stark's books
Griffiths, Nonie  Character in Stark's books.
Halstead, Jack  Character in George Stark's books.
Hamilton, Warren  State trooper who found Homer Gamache's truck
Harding, John Wesley  Name of Thad Beaumont's childhood pet raccoon
Harkavay, Jerry  Worked for Associated Press at Waterville
Harrison, Steve  Maine state police officer who guarded Thad
Hartland, Trevor  Castle Rock Fire Chief
Holt, Steven (Digger)  Head of Castle Rock grounds keeping crew.
Hume, George  Doctor whom Thad visited
Jackett, Sonny  Sonoco service station owner
Keeton, Danforth (Buster)  Castle Rock first selectman.
LaPointe, John  Deputy Sheriff in Castle Rock
Loring, Dr.  Anesthesiologist in Thad's surgery
Machine, Alexis  Character in George Stark's books
Malone, ?  FBI agent who interviewed Thad. Partner of Bill Prebble
Manchester, ?  State Trooper guarding Thad
Martin, Albert (Fuzzy)  Local alcoholic in Castle Rock
Massenburg, ?  Neighbors of the Beaumonts on Lake Lane
Myers, Phyllis  Photographer from People magazine
Pangborn, Alan J.  Sheriff of Castle Rock
Pangborn, Annie  Wife of Alan.
Pangborn, Toby  Son of Alan and Anne.
Pangborn, Todd  Son of Alan and Anne
Parker, ?  Character in George Stark's books
Payne, ?  Neighbors of the Beaumonts on Lake Lane
Payton, Henry  Worked at Oxford State Police Barracks
Pender, Judge  Local judge
Philips, Dave  Helped with grounds keeping in Castle Rock
Prebble, Bill  FBI agent who interviewed Thad.
Pritchard, Helga  Wife of Hugh
Pritchard, Hugh  Doctor at Bergenfield County hospital.
Rangely, Jack  Character in George Stark's books.
Reardon, Lieutenant  New York City cop
Reed, Mr.  School bus driver who saved Thad's life as a child.
Ridgewick, Norris  Police Officer in Castle Rock
Rodway, Joe  Killed his wife
Rodway, Mrs.  Wife of Joe
Rollick, Lester  Character in George Stark's book
Sadler, ?  Neighbors of the Beaumonts on Lake Lane
Schulman, Mr.  Neighbors of Dodie Eberhart.
Scoretti, ?  Person on whom Alexis Machine had done a job.
Seward, Dr.  Doctor who said Thad's headaches were simply migraines
Sparrows, The  The birds that finally help Thad
Stark, George  Fictional writer who came to life.
Stark, Richard  Pseudonym of Donald Westlake, and author, and the basis of Thad's choice of the name Stark
Stevens, ?  Police Officer that watched Thad
Stevens, Elizabeth  Maiden Name of Elizabeth Beaumont
Tellford, Martha  Aunt of Elizabeth Beaumont
Thomas, Seaton (Seat)  Police Officer in Castle Rock
Toomey, Charles F. Jr.  Police officer
Toomey, Stephanie  Wife of Charles
Van Allen, Ray  Castle County medical examiner and coroner
Westerman, Tony  Character in George Star's book
Williams, ?  Neighbors of the Beaumonts on Lake Lane
Wilmot, Gaspard  Inventor of the 'yo mama' doll
Wister, Randy  At Lake Davis


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