The House on Maple Street and Other Stories
  The House on Maple Street and Other Stories
Formats: CD / eAudio
Released (US):June, 2009
Publisher:Simon & Schuster Audio
Read By:Tabitha King, Stephen King, Stephen J. Gould
In Print:Yes


In “The House on Maple Street,” read by Tabitha King, the four Bradbury children discover a mysterious entity slowly replacing the wood and plaster of their home with metal and machinery. Realizing that a cataclysmic event is on the horizon, they plan their own escape while using the opportunity to trap their hated and feared stepfather and be rid of him forever.

It’s just another ordinary day in 1930s Los Angeles for private investigator Clyde Umney, until a new client walks into his office in “Umney’s Last Case” read by Robert Parker. Umney soon learns that his client is the crime-fiction writer who not only created him, but now needs to switch places with him. An unknown power forces Umney to take on the writer’s identity in the year 1994. Now, Clyde needs to figure out how to get back to his own universe and then take revenge on his creator.

Read by Stephen King, “Head Down” is a nonfiction essay that chronicles the 1989 season of his son Owen’s little league baseball team and all the
triumphs and tribulations the team experiences on the road to the Maine State Championships.

Read by Stephen J. Gould, as a companion poem to the short story “Head Down,” “Brooklyn August” takes a nostalgic look back on the glory days of professional baseball.


Previously published by Penguin Audiobooks as Nightmares & Dreamscapes


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