Chattery Teeth and Other Stories
  Chattery Teeth and Other Stories
Formats: CD / eAudio
Released (US):June, 2009
Publisher:Simon & Schuster Audio
Read By:Kathy Bates, Jerry Garcia, David Cronenberg, Lindsay Crouse
In Print:Yes


In “Chattery Teeth,” read by Kathy Bates, salesman Bill Hogan notices an unusual pair of metal teeth in a convenience store and the store’s clerk claims they are broken and gives them to him. Little does Hogan know that not only do the teeth work, but they will save his life when a hitchhiker tries to kill him.

In “My Pretty Pony,” read by Jerry Garcia, an elderly man on his deathbed gives his young grandson a pocketwatch and warns the boy against the
dangers of letting time slip away.

In “Sneakers,” read by David Cronenberg, music exec John Tell doesn’t realize what he’s getting into when he begins working at Tabori Studios with famous producer Paul Jannings. When Tell notices an old pair of dirty sneakers in the studio’s bathroom day after day, his curiosity leads him to investigate their origins. What he finds leads him down a dark road of ghosts, drugs, and the realization that the famous Paul Janning may be a murderer.

Read by Lindsay Crouse, “Dedication” is the story of a maid working in a hotel who uses a black magic spell in the hopes of harnessing the talent of one of the hotel’s frequent guests—an eccentric writer—and passing it on to her unborn son.


Previously published by Penguin Audiobooks as Nightmares & Dreamscapes


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