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Discussion in 'The Stand' started by EddieDeanofNYC, Dec 6, 2013.

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    ...for me (and this may seem odd considering the other horrifying aspects) was when Trash was out in the desert looking for his toys where he finds the radiation symbol on the door. Is there nothing more chilling than a manical firebug finding a door with (an already ominious in any circumstane) a radiation symbol on it?

    Bonus points: for some reason the line 'the Walkin Dude was back in Vegas' has always chilled me to my core. Flagg has already been shown as a truly disturbing character who inspires fear wherever he goes. This line (which opens a chapter btw) comes after a string of events that can only be described as a terrifying clusterf**k. Coming also towards the end of the this one always gets me.
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  2. Walter Oobleck

    Walter Oobleck keeps coming back...or going, and going, and going

    The cyclic nature of evil...that is disturbing. I wonder if the same can be said for there a cyclic nature of the good? Or is cyclic the wrong word? Does pendulum fit better? But then, bewildered again, Flagg puts on a face he has worn before.
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    I have literally just finished reading, and I know there was a few moments i shifted in my seat, but right now I cant think of THE most terrifying. I shifted in the shoot out scene with Lloyd and Poke, I shifted when Frannie was sitting on the loose stone on the hearth, I shifted in my seat when Glen Bateman laughed and laughed at Lloyd and RF. I know i shifted more than that... im just still reeling from the book in general to think of specific moments!!
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