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Discussion in 'Firestarter' started by Lepplady, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Lepplady

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    Now that we've seen how Dan Torrence turned out in Doctor Sleep, I'd LOVE to see what Charlie's up to these days. Drew Barrymore has kids, so what if Charlie did, too? What kind of mischief and mayhem could they get up to? And what lengths would Charlie go to in order to protect them if some secret government thought they might have powers too?
    I'd love to find out.

    GNTLGNT Idiot in Situ and Unholy Devourer of Cookies your alias "Tiny"?????....just kidding, it would be kinda cool-but I'm afraid that we could beg for sequels on so many of his works, that all originality would just bleed off...
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    I was not that fond of this novel. I do not really fancy a sequel.
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    I agree with that. While I don't see a sequel in the works to this one, as long as a character is alive (and even if they aren't in some cases!), you never know when a character from a prior novel will get referenced, make a cameo, or show up in a supporting role in another work. Stranger things have happened.
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