Just discovered HAVEN (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'Haven' started by mrblonde, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. mrblonde

    mrblonde Active Member

    This is terrible television, but I can't stop watching. Just enough SK to keep me starting the next episode. So so so many plot holes & unfinished thoughts, but it's still fun.
    TONS of references.

    Here are the spoilers:

    Little Tall Island
    The Plymouth Fury on the desk.
    "Abby" from Nebraska
    The kid in the rain with the boat @ this sewer
    Randal Flagg
    his middle name is Thaddeus
    Sea Dogs
    The Rose and Gun pub
    The mist episode
    I'll keep adding as I find them.
  2. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Well-Known Member

    It gets better and better in subsequent seasons.
  3. Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody Well-Known Member

    This was/is one of those shows that I slipped out of watching. First 2/3 seasons, I was there. Then I missed the first 2 of the 2011/12 season (thanks to SyFy Channel UK appearing not to advertise the return until Ep 3 was due to air). I recorded the rest of the series, waited for a re-run, grabbed the first couple...and then never got round to watching them. The latest season rolled around that was that. In the end, I ran out of space on the TVR and deleted the overlooked season (because I also realised I couldn't remember what had gone before).
    But I liked the show, so I'll probably catch up via Lovefilm or Netflix at some point. (Ditto for Warehouse 13.)
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  4. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Hi mrblonde - I see you have been around since 2010, but welcome to the "new board" anyway! :biggrin2:
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  5. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Well-Known Member

  6. no bounce no play

    no bounce no play I am Borg

    I love Haven. I love the overall mystery. I love the individual episode mysteries. I love the casting. I love its unpredictability. I have become confused about some things like the Guard and the Barn but explanations are always forthcoming :) I have the last two seasons dvr'd. I will delete Walking Dead episodes before I delete Haven episodes.
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  7. no bounce no play

    no bounce no play I am Borg

    That's great news! Thanks!
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  8. OldDarth

    OldDarth Well-Known Member

    Gotta say I am stunned at this announcement. A final season seem unlikely, even a movie seem dicey.

    So 26 episodes is AMAZING! No excuse now to be unable to avoid the The Dead Zone Demise and have Haven end without a satisfying conclusion.
  9. mrblonde

    mrblonde Active Member


    I loved the door in the middle of the field. Data-chee data-chum

    As I have not finished the Dark Tower series yet (I'm on book 3) Is the barn a link to the tower? Is the barn THE TOWER? I have to get more of the books under my belt, but that feels right to me.

    Other "dings":

    Mrs. Tull
    Mr. Pearlmutter
    The chapel tower being destroyed.
    The book on the desk by Mike Noonan.
    Not stephen king, but the brother Wade dumping the bodies in the water Ala Dexter (the show he was on)

    I'm going to be sad when I finish season 4. 6 eps. left.
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